A whole new way to watch TV with the streaming media player

Simple to set up, easy to navigate, and just plain fun all around

Each box is a small streaming media player that’s packed with huge entertainment.
It’ll open up a whole universe of movies, TV shows, web surfing, sports, music, photos, and much more right on your TV screen.

TV Apps gives you a world of  fun and entertainment.


Maxdome, JUKE, Videociety, Zattoo, Netzkino, ServusTV, Tagesschau, ARD Mediathek, ZDF Mediathek, arte, SpieleCenter


Netflix, Youtube, TV Player, Live TV


NPO Gemist, RTL XL, SBS KIJK, NLZIET, Regio TV, Videoland, MovieMAX, NOS Nieuws, Telegraaf TV,, Tintl, FM Nederland

Middle East

Bein, Shahid+, Starz Play, Go online TV, Seevii LiveTV, Icflix, Mavshack


Plus7, 9jumpin, tenplay, freeview plus, Quickflix, SMH.TV


Enjoy great entertainment with your family

Kick back with your whole family in front of the living room TV. Spend a few hours or a day binge-watching popular TV shows, series, and the latest movies through premium apps.
netflix   youtube


Form new healthy habits

No time to exercise?
Work out at home with the help from apps like yoga, massage, squats, and couple stretch and manage stress and find balance in your life.
couplesstretching_am eyetest_am familymassage_am lowerbodymen_am lowerbodywomen_am upperbodymen_ammeditation_am upperbodywomen_am


Give your kids the very best

We offer great free and fun educational apps that they’re sure to love, including Children’s story and Aesop’s fables.
aesopseables_hms_n colorland_am dinoadventure_am elvesshoemaker_am gingerbread_am hanselgretel_am happyprince_am  sleepingbeauty_am

Food recipe

Be the family chef for the night

Check out the slew of food recipes and healthy food information. Cancel that restaurant reservation, and whip up a great healthy meal for your family right in your home.
afternoontea_am babyfoodrecipes_am easybrunch_am gourmetmeat_am herbgarden_am homebarista_am knowyourself_am wellbeingsalad_am

Content sharing

Enjoy even more content together

Simple content sharing allows you to share the enjoyable moments with your friends and family.
You will discover a brilliantly simple way to play video, music and photo wirelessly from any device on your home network.

Port: USB 2.0

Plug any storage device into the USB 2.0 port.
Play your content directly from a flash or external hard drive.


Play your contents directly from your tablet, Set-top Box, laptop, or other devices on your TV on the same network.

Wireless Display

Display the screen of your mobile device on your TV screen, meaning that you can enjoy videos, photos, music on a big screen without image or color distortion.

Live Streaming

SAT>IP - Tap into satellite TV programs.

SAT>IP application gets you connected to an array of live IP streaming channels via the SAT>IP server.
* SAT>IP service is currently available only in Germany

Live streaming via Humax Set-Top Box

Do away with the hassles of installing a separate tuner. With HUMAX Set-Top Box which supports live streaming, you can stream live TV programs to all the devices in your home, like your mobile, tablet, and HUMAX streaming media player. Live TV application gives you access to live TV channels.

Tuner - Forget switching input sources

There’s no need to switch input sources just to watch live TV broadcasts. With H5, you can access them through the physical TV tuner on the back.
* Tuner is available only on H5.

Stylish, Easy-to-navigate Launcher

The launcher has multiple interactive menus for easy access:
Movies, Shopping, Recent, Recommended, HUMAX Plus+, All Apps, App Stores, and settings.
The layout is simple and easy on the eyes, each menu showcasing its own content.

Recent: Lets you see the most recently used apps.
Recommended: Displays recommended apps.
HUMAX Plus+: Shows you all the menu features specific to H1 and H3.
All Apps: Gives you all the apps HUMAX offers.
App Stores: Allows you to add more apps using the menu.
Settings: Makes it easy for you to control all the settings, including network, display, and language, among others.

User-friendly Mobile Remote App

Take control with our very own mobile remote app on your iPhone (iOS7 or later) or Android phone.
Just download the app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

HUMAX Cast on your mobile

Control your HUMAX streaming media player effortlessly from your mobile.
With Humax Cast, you get some great user-friendly features. (Check with your local service provider for availability.)

Start watching the latest blockbuster or program on your TV with just a simple click.
You can also access the apps on your device via the easy-to-navigate APPS screen. (Service providers can only use authorized apps.)

Apps Page
Control all the apps from your mobile

Mobile Remote Control UX  
Control all the apps from your mobile.

Main Page
Take a look at what’s being showcased.

Movie Page
One click streams the movie to your TV.

Application upgrade system

Apps upgrade
It’s easy for operators to modify the Apps menu.
New apps for the Apps menu can be added through their server.
To upgrade any app, operators simply upload the new app to their server.
Users will be automatically alerted to the new app (see icons on the right).
Humax will set up this system in the operator’s server.

SW upgrade
Software is upgraded in a similar way.
When operators upload new software to their server, the user’s HUMAX streaming media player displays a new icon in the Settings menu (see icons on the right).
Humax will set up this system in the operator’s server.

*For ISP and Operators only

Industry Design Awards

Show it off 

The days when you kept your media streaming player hidden from view is over. Humax Smart Media Player has got Reddot Design Award under its belt, so feel free to show it off. Not only does its compact design take up very little space, its eco-friendly design goes well with any room.